Apollo (lights_midnight) wrote,

Nexus100: #38 Touch

It was about as good as it could get.

A haze of sensation; skin against skin, muscle and heat and power shifting in pleasure. Lips damp with sweat and saliva move together, part, taste anything offered for sampling.

All flat planes, unyielding bodies and compliant movements. Hard flesh that needs to be touched, and all of them all too willing to oblige that need.

The total, burning, heated ecstasy of the two other bodies with his, hands on his hips drawing him back into each thrust, fingers in his hair, coaxing him forwards and down.

He wakes with the ghost feelings of their climax still rushing over him; pants for breath he doesn’t need and for just a moment wonders if he passed out, but the insistent ache in his groin tells him it’s been nothing but a dream.
Tags: narrative, nexus100
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