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Nexus100: Three more.

#29 Birth

He opened his eyes to darkness.

It was the little things at first. The feel of cool cloth against oversensitive skin. The prickle of hair across his forehead. The silence broken only by a soft pant that came from his own mouth.

He held up his hand and stared at it. It was familiar, but not, in a way that confused him. The fingers moved when he wanted them to, stretching and curling and he just watched them for a moment, entranced by it.

Sitting up revealed nothing helpful. He was in a hospital bed, covered by a simple white sheet. The walls were peach and he was completely by himself.

He didn’t even realise he couldn’t remember who he was until after the nurses came and assured him that he wasn’t alone.

#24 Family

The only way that Apollo could move was by dislodging the multitude of people currently using him as a pillow.

Sprawled on the couch, he’d been joined by Angie first, who curled up with her knees over one leg and his foot in her lap for her to play with.

Next had been Sam, slinking in after not coming home the night before and giving a hesitant smile before settling in leaning back against his thighs.

The door had opened and, heralded by a scream of ‘Daaad!’, Jenny bounded in, Lisa in tow. The girls scrambled up onto Angie and Sam and cuddled in.

Lastly, John and Robbie followed the girls. John gave Apollo an indulgent smile and a kiss on the cheek and sat down so he press back into Apollo’s chest.

My, that thigh was a mighty convenient pillow. He winked at Robbie, sitting on the floor between his father’s legs, and turned his attention back to the tv, tuning out the happy chatter from his family.

#64 Fall
The air rushed past him.

It’s wasn’t unfamiliar, but it was alien, feeling his body pulled and twisted by the hard currents. The pressure was sickeningly hard and not enough as he rushed towards the clouds, feeling the sunlight prickle over his body and sink in.

His vision greyed as he twisted again, and he was forced to close his eyes.


He couldn’t get together enough thought to respond. All he could sense was the rush of warmth spread through his body. The strong desire to curl up and sleep and leave whatever it was until later...

The world came back into focus.

He brought himself to a halt. Breathed deeply and turned his attention to the invasion fleet,. In the time it took him to think to Carrier, metal was ripping around his hands and body.

//Carrier, this is Apollo. I have engaged the enemy.//
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