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In a single dimension, a difference will be made.

If it were just insanity, it could have been dismissed.

Somewhere, under old programming and learned responses, there's a man who has had enough of waiting for someone else to fix this.

He gets into an argument with Angie and Jack about America. He gives Jack a withdrawal deadline for the Authority and says that it will be met.

Shen is told to get China out of Tibet. Under their own steam or hers, he doesn't care. Just stop asking and make it happen, and make it happen now.

It would be easier to stop him if the Carrier weren't responding to each thought and touch and giving him access. It would be easier if Jeroen were together enough or maybe disagreed enough to stop him.

The Authority has twenty four hours to stop jacking around and start working or Apollo will fix the situation.

He doesn't want to lead. But he's out of other options.

He hopes Jenny Sparks forgives him for taking total insanity to reach this point.
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